Ark Guest House

A guest house with a past.  Here is a unique stay at the former poker house of Captain Muecke’s dynasty.  The status symbol of the 50s was to build with real knotty pine and cedar.  The Captain also designed and built wooden boats to create a shrimp and oyster fleet that would span the entire Gulf Coast.  The Captain had the vision to elevate the property because he wanted to observe his fleet coming into port, hence the hill you drove upon.  Comfortable as an old glove, this maiden of the sea has witnessed many a storm atop this lookout where fortunes were won and lost.

You’ll feel ‘almost’ off the grid in this hideaway.  Yet you are in the middle of it all, where Clear Lake converges into Galveston Bay.  Slow down and let the breeze wash over you.  Take in the sunrises and sunsets, along with seaside activities, festive boat parades, and fireworks displays.

This is your perfect chance to experience a one-of-a-kind stay at the shore. And still, Texas’ top attractions are close by.  The Kemah Boardwalk (restaurants, live entertainment, thrill rides) and the home of manned space flight, Space Center Houston.  Only 2 miles from fishing piers, boat launch, birding trails, and 10 minutes to the beach.

Helm Guest House


Welcome to panoramic water views at this one-of-a-kind stay on the waterfront.  This light industrial neighborhood of seafood markets is not your typical residential subdivision.  Picture a spacious, sprawling lawn, bordered by trees, with a comfortable guest house at the seashore.  Is this the escape you seek?  A change in scenery provides new impressions and improves the way you feel, both inside and out.  Are you ready to relax, daydream, read a book or snooze?

Local boaters provide the ever-changing seascape for your entertainment.  Mother Nature soothes your daydreams with her sea breeze.  Additionally, you might be treated to seasonal boat parades and fireworks displays.  While in the middle of it all, everything you could want is nearby, such as shopping, pubs, and restaurants.  For the more active, there is fishing, beaches, jet ski rentals, hike and bike trails, as well as birding trails.  But, if that isn’t enough, it’s a quick 5-10 minute trip to Texas’ top two attractions: The Kemah Boardwalk (restaurants, live entertainment, thrill rides) and the home of manned space flight, Space Center Houston.

Formerly, this property headquartered Captain Muecke’s Gulf Coast shrimp and oyster dynasty.  Because of the commanding water view, it’s easy to imagine Captain Muecke standing watch for his fleet to return home.  Take control of your commanding view.  What do you see?