Helm Guest House

Comfortable Guest House with Panoramic Water Views

Welcome to a unique stay at the former headquarters of Captain Muecke’s dynasty. Legendary boat designer/builder, overlord of shrimp fleets, and the king of the oyster harvests back in the day. Comfortable as an old glove, this maiden of the sea has witnessed many a storm seated atop this lookout which, by the way, Captain Muecke built to observe his fleet on the horizon. You’ll feel ‘almost’ off the grid as you set your sights on this commanding view of Clear Lake converging into Galveston Bay. Here you are treated to Mother Nature’s whim of sunrises, sunsets, sea breezes, mist and fog along with seaside activities, seasonal boat parades, and fireworks displays. Perfect choice to experience a one-of-a-kind stay on the waterfront, while just minutes from Texas’ top attractions: The Kemah Boardwalk (restaurants, live entertainment, thrill rides) and the home of manned space flight, Space Center Houston. Only 2 miles from fishing piers, boat launch, birding trails, and 10 minutes to the beach.


Prices start at: $160 per night


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