Booking Requirements for Beacon Hill Bed and Breakfast


–         Book by phone or inquire by email.

–         Confirmation is made upon payment with credit card.

–         Guests must be a minimum of 21 years old. Only children 12+ allowed.

–         There is a two night minimum stay for holidays, weekends and special events.

–         A change in either the length or the dates of your reservation may result in a rate               change.

–         Discounted rates and Special rates are non-refundable.  If you choose to cancel             this reservation, you will not be refunded any of the payment.

–         Please check with us if you have questions.

–         The booking information required is:

                Your preferred dates for check-in and check-out

                How many people in your party?

                How many beds / bedrooms do you require?

                Do you have a room preference?


                1. Your name as it appears your credit card

                2. Your billing address.

                3. The type of credit card (MC,Visa,Discover)

                4. The credit card account number

                5. The credit card expiration date

                6.  Security code (typically 3 digits)

                7. Your call back number, preferably a cell phone

                8. Your email address

                9.  Disclose type of card if special, such as:  government, business,   other

For more information or to request availability, 281-326-7643, or email :